April 30, 2021

Team Member COVID-19 Testing

As some of you may have already heard, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid have recently changed the testing protocols to account for team members that are fully vaccinated from COVID-19. When the facility is conducting routine testing, team members who are fully vaccinated will not be required to be tested for COVID-19. Team members that are not fully vaccinated will still be required to be tested based on the Lancaster county positive rate.

Please keep in mind that if there is a positive case and we are conducting outbreak testing, all team members, vaccinated or unvaccinated, are required to be tested weekly until we complete 2 weeks of testing with all negative results.

We are optimistic in hoping that all of the team member tests from 4/28 and 4/29 will come back negative and we can resume routine testing the week of May 2nd. If we are able to conduct routine testing the week of May 2nd, testing times will be as follows.

Type of testing

(Outbreak – All Team members)

(Routine – all team members who aren’t fully vaccinated)

Routine Testing Routine Testing
Required Frequency Weekly Weekly
Dates Tuesday, May 4th Wednesday, May 5th
Times 7 AM – 12:00 PM 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM

If you have not been vaccinated but would like to begin the process, please reach out to Monica Herbein, Healthcare Coordinator, (717) 786-5341 as soon as possible to be put on the list. If you are fully vaccinated, we need to verify dates of your vaccines to keep track in our system. Please bring your card as soon as possible to show Monica Herbein to record the dates so we can keep track in our system. If you do not bring in proof of vaccination, you will be expected to be tested during routine testing.

**Fully vaccinated is defined as being 14 days post all required doses of the vaccine. For those who received the Pfizer vaccine at Quarryville or the Moderna vaccine elsewhere, you are considered fully vaccinated 14 days after the second dose. If you have had the opportunity to get the Johnson and Johnson vaccine in a different location, you are considered fully vaccinated 14 days prior to your only dose.