August 19, 2021

As the positivity rate in Lancaster County continues to climb upwards (7.6% this past week), non-vaccinated team members continue to be tested routinely per regulations.

We are pleased to announce that our routine testing has produced all negative results. On Monday we also offered testing to any RL Residents wishing to be tested, which again produced all negative results.

Recently we have had three team members test positive while away from the facility which posed no risk to our community. We will continue to update everyone of positive results as more testing is conducted.

Please continue to use caution and wear a mask to limit the risk to yourself and those around you.

We will be having another vaccine clinic the first week in September and would encourage those who wish to receive the vaccine to contact Monica Herbein, (717) 786-5341 as soon as possible. If you remain undecided or have any questions, please reach out to me, (717) 786-5295, and I will make sure we get you the most up to date information to help answer your questions.