August 27, 2020

QPRC learned last night that one of our skilled nursing residents has tested positive for COVID-19. That resident is in the hospital. No other residents are exhibiting any signs or symptoms but are being monitored extremely closely. Team members continue using precautions and the entire skilled nursing facility will remain in quarantine with no activities, group dining, or visitation until further notice. There are no changes regarding activities, dining or visitation in Personal Care or Residential Living at this time.

The testing that had been scheduled to be completed today will still occur and will be completed as soon as possible to ensure results are returned in a timely manner and any further actions can be taken promptly.

We are confident in the processes and procedures we have put into place to limit spread as much as possible. Our team members have been diligent in caring for our residents and have followed and will continue to follow the guidance set forth by the Pennsylvania Department of Health (DOH), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to minimize the risk of Coronavirus transmission within our community.

Our prayers are with the resident and our team members as they navigate this change.