December 4, 2020

Routine testing completed Monday per CMS guidelines identified two team members with positive COVID-19. Neither of those team members have worked in the facility during their infectious period so there is extremely minimal to no exposure from those two positives. The remainder of Skilled and Personal Care team members tested negative on Monday. On Wednesday, Personal Care and Memory Support continued “outbreak” testing of residents. Two residents did test positive. Those two residents are in close proximity to each other on the same unit. The rest of the residents tested negative.

Skilled Nursing

Skilled Nursing continues to remain COVID free. Team Members continue to be tested twice a week accordingly to CMS guidelines due to Lancaster County having a 14.3 positivity rate. Only residents that leave the facility will be tested during this time. All team members must continue to wear a medical grade mask and eye protection at all times on the units with additional airborne precaution PPE being worn in any individual resident rooms who are in isolation.

Personal Care and Memory Support

Precautions in Personal Care and Memory Support are being increased even further with team members continuing to wear N-95 respirators, eye protection with gowns and gloves. Team members will continue to be tested twice a week with residents being tested a minimum of once per week. We have all of the procedures in place to limit spread already so we will continue to follow those procedures to limit any further spread of COVID-19 as we have done in the past.


Due to further positive tests, there will be no visitation for Personal Care or Memory Support at this time. Once we are confident any spread of COVID-19 has been contained we will resume window visitation. Skilled Nursing will continue permitting window visitation. Neither are permitted to do inside visitation due to the current county positivity rate.