February 10, 2022

Since our last update on 2/3/2022, one skilled nursing resident, one direct care team member and one non direct care team member have tested positive. There were no positive tests in Personal Care, Memory Support or Residential Living. Resident testing in skilled nursing was conducted on 2/8/2022 and revealed all negative results.

Skilled Nursing

Skilled Nursing continues to use precautions and remains in yellow zone due to recent positive tests. We continue to test all residents and team members a minimum of once per week. We are hoping to open dining rooms and group activities in the near future. Team members, volunteers, contractors, etc. must wear a N-95 mask and eye protection at all times while on the units.

Personal Care and Memory Support

Personal Care and Memory Support have not had any positive resident or team member tests within the past 14 days, so they currently are utilizing dining rooms, the beauty salon and participating in group activities. Team members, volunteers, contractors, etc. must wear a KN-95 mask and eye protection at all times while on the units.

Regulatory Updates/Changes

Visitors, Contractors, Etc.

  • Anyone entering the Long Building or supportive living must follow DOH quarantine and isolation guidelines which are stricter than the CDC. (Day 0 represents positive test day or the day of exposure)
    • Must quarantine for 10 days following a positive COVID-19 test regardless of vaccination status
    • Must isolate for minimum of 10 days following exposure to someone with COVID-19 if you are not “up to date” on all vaccine doses and boosters per CDC recommendations.
  • We will be updating the questions for our check-in process next week to reflect these changes.

Team Members

  • Testing procedures have been changed to reflect two categories, “up to date” and ‘not up to date”. Individuals who are “up to date” will have less restrictive testing requirements than individuals who are “not up to date” which is defined as being eligible for recommended boosters but not having received them yet.

We are continuing to review all the guidance and make any necessary changes to our policies and procedures. We apologize for the confusion this causes as it is a challenge on our end to follow a continually moving target. Thank you for your ongoing support and diligence. A special thank you to all our team members who go above and beyond every day to ensure our residents are being cared for.