February 22, 2023

­Skilled Nursing

Over the past couple days, 13 additional skilled nursing residents have tested positive for COVID-19. Team member testing on Monday revealed two team members testing positive as well. Per our procedures, any resident testing positive, or exhibiting any signs or symptoms are immediately isolated to prevent any potential spread to other residents. We are currently testing any additional residents that may have been affected and continue to test any residents immediately after they show any signs or symptoms of COVID-19. All communal dining has been suspended and all activities will be conducted at a distance to limit any additional spread.

Team members in Skilled Nursing will be required to wear a KN-95 mask or greater for the remainder of the outbreak. We will resume surgical masks once we have gone 2 weeks without any new positive cases.

Personal Care and Memory Support

We remain thankful that no residents or team members have tested positive for COVID-19 in recent weeks.

Residential Living

There have been no residents or team members who have tested positive within the past week.

Team Members

Updated testing requirements for team members entering Skilled Nursing during outbreak

Team Members with Vaccine Exemption Team Members  

Partially Vaccinated

Team Members Up-to-date INCLUDING

Bivalent Booster

Prior to every shift Twice per week Once per week
Everyone must test immediately if you are exhibiting signs or symptoms of COVID-19.
  • You may test yourself anytime at the Long Building Reception Desk (team members only)
  • Stop by the Skilled Nursing Admin Hallway between 8AM and 4PM Monday – Friday
  • Hudson Taylor Dining Room Wednesdays and Fridays from 2PM to 4PM

Please remember, masks must be worn AT ALL TIMES in all common areas in Long and Thompson buildings by team members. This includes on the units, at the reception desks, Sunnyside Café, etc. Masks may only be removed by team members when inside a break room, office, or closed space where no residents are present. Team Members are encouraged to be physically distanced when masks are removed.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me should you have any questions or concerns. We will continue to monitor active cases and make adjustments as we see fit to promote the safety of our residents.