July 23, 2020

It has been and still is our intent to be entirely transparent about COVID in our community.

I recently reported to you that all our testing was completed and that all of the test results were negative. I learned today that two of the testing vials had broken in transit. Those two individuals (one resident and one non-direct caregiver) were retested, and I learned this morning that their tests results were positive. It has been 10 days since they were tested. As a first immediate response, we have once again closed Personal Care. Residents must stay in their rooms and team members will be in full personal protective equipment to provide care. Because so much time has passed, we are awaiting direction from the Department of Human Services as to whether additional testing is required.

I understand that this may seem confusing. It is for us as well. This news may create questions in your mind. It does for us too. The delay in receiving results is truly problematic. That the only two positive results just happen to be the two vials that broke in transit is highly suspicious.

We remain committed to following the government guidelines and our priority is your safety.

As we continue to physically distance, wear masks and wash our hands, I would ask that you pray.