June 3, 2022

As COVID-19 continues to spread throughout Lancaster County, we continue to see the effects of it on every area of our community. We have now had positive COVID-19 cases of either team member or resident in every area of the community over the past week. Team Members should review the COVID-19 PPE policy and testing requirement grid to view the most up to date requirements.

Skilled Nursing

We have had 1 additional resident in Skilled Nursing test positive for COVID-19. The resident had limited contact with other residents and is currently isolated in our dedicated COVID-19 Unit. Visitation remains open per CMS regulations, but visitors are required to check in and follow appropriate masking procedures throughout their visit.

Memory Support

We were made aware of a positive COVID-19 test this week in Memory Support as well. The unit remains in a precautionary yellow zone and we will continue to conduct regular testing to identify any other positives as soon as possible. Per regulation, visitation remains restricted to compassionate care visitors only.

Personal Care

Because a Personal Care team member tested positive for COVID-19, we must move all of Personal Care to a precautionary yellow zone. We will conduct regular testing to identify any other potential positive cases as soon as possible. Per regulation, visitation is now restricted those designated as compassionate caregivers only. We will continue to have group dining and group activities for the time being.

Residential Living

There have been a number of positive cases in Residential Living over the past 2 weeks. While at this point, we are not making changes, we strongly encourage residents to wear a mask when they are in common areas. Team Members are asked to wear a mask during any resident interaction. If we continue to have an increase in cases, we may be forced to put additional restrictions into place.

Remember, if you are having signs or symptoms, you should stay away from others and notify your primary care physician.