November 13, 2020

If you have been following the news, you are aware that cases of COVID are rising worldwide; and alarmingly so in many parts of the US. Likewise, either because of increased testing or increased prevalence, cases in our community are rising as well. With the majority of the results back from this week’s testing, we have one Home Care team member, three Skilled Nursing team members and one Skilled Care resident who have tested positive. Only one team member was symptomatic, and that individual has not been at work for the past week.

Team, you have done well. Thank you for keeping our residents safe. You have given much over the last year and I know you are weary. But, together, we must press on, especially as the virus spreads. While we know that most people who contract the virus will recover and have only mild or no symptoms, we also know that some people decline very quickly and some die. What we don’t know is which individuals will become really, really sick.

As you know, when a team member tests positive, the residents he or she serves have further restrictions placed on them. Our residents have already suffered greatly under these restrictions – much more than we have. For some, there is an emotional weariness beyond words. Even when no one has been ill, there has been a cost. People are not designed to live in isolation, masked and untouched.

Our residents have been isolated for months. Only we can bring COVID into the community. We believe your consistent, proper use of PPE has protected our residents and each other. I want to believe that, for the sake of our residents, you have already curtailed some of your personal activities. However, with numbers increasing, I am strongly recommending that you follow these guidelines:

  • Do not gather with groups outside your household. I know that this will raise questions about the holidays. Gatherings of multiple households are strongly discouraged.
  • Limit your travel to only what is absolutely necessary.
  • Wear a mask whenever you leave your home.
  • Wash your hands and disinfect your home and personal property regularly.
  • Maintain a 6-foot distant from every other person.
  • What about church? Because it is important that we worship God with the family of God, I cannot ask you to not go to church. If you decide to attend any services at your church, I am asking you to wear a mask and maintain a 6-foot distance while you are there.