November 30, 2020

Additional “outbreak” testing was completed again last week prior to Thanksgiving. All Skilled Nursing team members’ and residents’ test results came back negative for the second straight week. Personal Care had three team members test positive.

Skilled Nursing

Skilled Nursing will no longer be in quarantine or performing “outbreak testing.” Team Members must be tested twice a week accordingly to CMS guidelines due to Lancaster County having a 12.6 positivity rate. Only residents that leave the facility will be tested during this time. All team members must continue to wear a medical grade mask and eye protection at all times in the units with additional airborne precaution PPE being worn in any individual resident rooms of those who are in isolation.

Personal Care and Memory Support

Personal Care and Memory support will both remain entirely in a “yellow” quarantine zone. Residents are encouraged to stay in their rooms/apartments and wear a mask any time they need to leave. Team members must wear an N-95 face mask, eye protection, and gown at all times. Due to a combination of positive tests and the Lancaster County positivity rate, team members must be tested twice a week with all residents being tested once a week.


Visitation throughout Personal Care, Memory Support and Skilled Nursing is limited to window visitation and compassionate care visitation only while the Lancaster County positivity rate remains greater than 10%. (It is currently at 12.6%)

Window visits can be scheduled through the Activities Department while families of residents who meet the compassionate care criteria will be notified and contacted by nursing staff.

Team Members

Please remember that all team members who work in Skilled Nursing, Personal Care, Memory Support or Home Care are required to be tested twice a week. Testing days are Mondays and Thursdays and must be attended whether you are working that day or are off. Failure to comply with these federal testing guidelines will result in disciplinary action.

COVID-19 Vaccinations

We do not have specific information on the availability date of the COVID-19 vaccinations and do not know if the government will make it mandatory or not. We do know they are actively preparing for rapid deployment of these vaccines in skilled nursing facilities as soon as they have been approved. We are partnered with Walgreens to hold vaccination clinics at our facility when they do become approved. We will continue to update residents, families and team members as we have more information. Please be on the lookout for additional information as we expect more information to be communicated to us in the coming weeks, if not days.