October 14, 2021

Residential Living

On Thursday, October 14th, Quarryville was made aware of a couple who both tested positive for COVID-19. Anyone believed to have had close contact with these individuals has been notified. As a result, any Residential Living resident or team member is welcome to come to COVID-19 testing sessions in the Long Building next week. The days and times are listed below.

Skilled Nursing

Just as Skilled Nursing had completed its outbreak testing and was ready to resume normal operations, we received a positive test result from someone that works in the Skilled Nursing facility. They had very limited contact with residents but per DOH regulation, we had to go back to a yellow phase throughout which suspends visitation and group activities. Families who are care planned as compassionate care visitors may still visit. All other visitors are required to set up window or skype visits through Activities.

Residents and team members, regardless of vaccination status, will be tested a minimum of once per week until we have 2 weeks with all negative results.

Personal Care

Personal Care completed its outbreak testing resulting in the ability for visitation, dining, and activities to open back up. All unvaccinated team members are still required to be tested weekly at this time.


COVID-19 Testing – Hudson Taylor Dining Room
Mondays 7AM – 11AM, 1PM – 5PM
Wednesdays 7AM – 11AM, 1PM – 5PM

*This testing schedule will stay in place until otherwise specified.


Current team member testing requirements
Vaccinated team members working in PC/MS No testing required at this time
Unvaccinated team members working in PC/MS Must be tested ONCE per week ongoing
Vaccinated team members working in Skilled Must be tested ONCE per week during outbreak
Unvaccinated team members working in Skilled Must be tested TWICE per week ongoing
All team members Must be tested if exhibiting signs or symptoms of COVID-19