September 14, 2021

On Saturday, September 11th, a team member in Skilled Nursing tested positive for COVID-19. Skilled nursing was immediately transitioned to a yellow zone which suspended visitation, group dining and group activities.

Outbreak testing has already begun with residents and team members being tested a minimum of once per week until 14 days have passed with no positive tests. Visitation is now limited to those designated as compassionate care visitors and window visits scheduled through activities (786-5715) We will continue to send updates as they become available.

Visitation, dining and group activities remain the same at this time for Personal Care and Memory Support.

**It was brought to our attention that a number of individuals did not receive the automated phone call that was sent out Saturday to immediately inform families of the positive test and corresponding suspension of indoor visitation. We have identified a problem with the system that sends out those automated messages and are working with them to have it fixed as soon as possible.