September 30, 2020

QPRC completed testing on all skilled residents and team members on Thursday 9/24/2020. We are excited to announce there were no positive results in the skilled nursing area. We will be doing another round of testing this Thursday and hope for all negative tests.  A second round of negative tests will allow us to begin the process of reopening visitation in skilled nursing.

We are thankful that team members at QPRC have remained diligent to drastically limit the isolated cases of COVID-19 we have had. On that same token, we hurt with the residents and their families who have had to endure visitation restrictions during the time of multiple isolated positive cases. While the safety of our residents and team members is our biggest concern, the emotional, and spiritual toll this is taking on our residents is extremely heartbreaking to our entire team. We pray that God will continue to bless our community in a way that allows us to provide for visitation in accordance with state and federal guidelines. This will foster the emotional connections our residents need with friends and family.

Please continue to check the website routinely for updated information which may include testing results, changes in policies or procedures, and updates on visitation.  Forthcoming is a policy that will allow for compassionate caregivers in certain situations. We are waiting for further clarification on conflicting guidelines from different governing bodies. Until then, we will continue to call families who meet the current criteria for compassionate visits such as at end of life or a significant decline in functioning.

We appreciate your continued support and prayers for our residents and our team members as we all trust in God’s direction and faithfulness during this difficult trial.