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The Basics

Are assisted living and personal care the same?

No, assisted living and personal care are different long-term care options. Definitions, services, and regulations vary from state to state. In the past, the two terms were interchangeable, and many people may not distinguish between them; however, in 2011, Pennsylvania implemented new regulations that separated these two types of care and licensed them separately.

What are the differences between assisted living and personal care in Pennsylvania?

  • In Pennsylvania, “personal care homes” are defined as: “residential facilities that offer personal care services, assistance and supervision to four or more persons.” (PA Department of Human Services)
  • Personal care homes offer housing, meals, medication management, and other personal care services. Assisted living does the same but also provides some skilled health care services.
  • Quarryville holds a license for personal care. Please talk with our Admissions Director for more detailed information.

Who inspects personal care services in Pennsylvania?

Personal care services are licensed and inspected by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services. These regulations are aimed at protecting the health, safety, and well-being of residents. There are no federal regulations for personal care homes.

What is the difference between personal care and skilled nursing care?

Personal care provides residential living with assistance and supervision. State regulations protect the health, safety, and well-being of the residents. There are no federal regulations for personal care and there is no third-party reimbursement.

Skilled nursing accommodations are medical facilities that are inspected and licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Health and must meet both state and federal regulations. There are third party reimbursements (Medicare and Medicaid) for those who qualify based on clinical criteria and/or income. Quarryville also is licensed for skilled nursing care.

When is it time to begin looking for personal care living services?

It all depends on an individual’s personal situation. Sometimes an individual may be uncomfortable living alone due to concerns about falling, becoming ill, safety issues, challenges with medication management, personal hygiene, loneliness, boredom, nutrition, or difficulty completing routine household tasks and responsibilities. Family members also may be unable to provide all the support an individual may need daily. Quarryville’s Personal Care living is for individuals who need less intensive help than skilled nursing care.

What are memory support services?

Quarryville’s memory support services provide care for individuals with dementia-related illnesses and other forms of cognitive impairment. Residents who require specialized care enjoy private accommodations in a peaceful, home-like environment.

Both our Personal Care Living and Skilled Nursing Facility have secure memory support areas, staffed by dementia-certified, licensed caregivers. Our team understands the importance of preserving our residents’ quality of life and provides support in a warm, gracious, and caring Christ-centered community.

How can you find out about all the different services Quarryville provides?

The first step would be to contact our Director of Admissions at 717-786-5215. Our dedicated team will review the different options that are available, answers any questions, arrange a private tour, and help you select the best level of living for your loved one’s needs.


Living Spaces in Personal Care Living


  • Personal Care Living at the Long Apartments offers three floors with 45 apartments, including studio, efficiency, and one-bedroom suites, in a variety of floor plans.
  • Residents in Personal Care Living enjoy a homelike, comfortable environment rather than a clinical setting.
  • Communal areas provide opportunities for relaxing, socializing, and activities.

Personal Care Living Services and Amenities


What dining options are available in Personal Care Living?

  • Dining choices are the same as for our Residential Living residents, except residents in Personal Care Living are provided three meals a day as well as snacks.
  • If our Personal Care Living residents wish to dine in our other venues, they are welcome to enjoy a meal in our Windows on Park formal dining room, Bistro Café, Sunnyside Café, or Joyful Scoop. These venues offer a variety of delicious menu options ranging from breakfast items, sandwiches, snacks, coffee, ice cream and desserts to full meals depending upon the location.

Are residents able to leave the Long Apartments whenever they wish?

Yes, we encourage residents to be involved in campus activities and come and go as they please. Residents are asked to sign out only if they leave for an extended period. Many residents enjoy visiting friends and family, spending long weekends out of town, and joining family for vacation.

Can residents still have their own cars?

Yes, residents are welcome to have their own personal vehicles. Parking is provided in designated locations on campus.

Is transportation for residents in Personal Care Living?

Yes, transportation services are provided for medical appointments and other activities for a fee.

Spiritual Life

What is spiritual life like?

  • Quarryville is a Christ-centered community and has both a full and a part-time chaplain on staff.
  • A variety of programs and opportunities are available to strengthen spiritual life.
  • Being Presbyterian is not a requirement to live at Quarryville; persons of all faiths are welcome. We are Presbyterian in organizational leadership but welcome all individuals looking to proclaim God’s might and power to the next generation. We have representation across a broad range of denominations.
    Spiritual opportunities include Vespers, Sunday School, chapel services, Bible studies, community hymn sings, and prayer groups.
  • Chapel services and other opportunities also are broadcast live on Quarryville’s
    internal television station for our residents’ convenience.


What Personal Care Living services are provided?

Services include three meals/day and snacks, weekly housekeeping and laundry, staff on duty 24 hours a day with emergency call bell and pendant system, activities, reminders, coordination of appointments and transportation, and telephone, cable and internet.

What hands-on care is available?

Quarryville’s Personal Care Living team is trained to provide only the assistance you need regarding activities of daily living. You may choose to have help with medication management, bathing, dressing, grooming, toiletry, personal hygiene, eating, and mobility. It’s your choice.

Is a nurse required to administer medications or may Personal Care Living residents do this on their own?

Residents may administer their own medications, if deemed appropriate, following an assessment completed at admission. If a resident is not comfortable handling their own medications, our Personal Care Living team will help with administration, re-ordering, and communications with physicians and pharmacies.

What activities are offered?

A variety of activities are offered, including fitness classes, arts and crafts, games, food socials, and off-site outings. Personal Care Living residents are encouraged to attend events and activities held throughout campus.

Experience Quarryville

To appreciate Quarryville, you need to experience it. Schedule a personalized tour of our campus for you and your family. We’ll answer your questions, show you around, introduce you to some of our wonderful residents, and explain how you can realize your vision of a retirement with spirit.

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