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What is Continuing Care?

In residential living, residents may, at some time, find that they need assistance with activities of daily living or even skilled nursing care. Whether for a short stay following surgery or hospitalization, or a permanent need, QPRC is pleased to offer the services of a Personal Care Facility, a Memory Support Unit, a Skilled Care Nursing Facility on site.

Is there an additional cost for nursing care?

Residents moving from Residential Living to Personal Care or Skilled Care have priority admission to Supportive Living. The rates for Personal Care and Skilled Care are higher than those for Residential Living. These services are offered on a fee for service basis as listed in our Internal Charges for Services and Supplies and in our annual Disclosure Statement.

If I have health problems, what kind of care is available to me in my cottage?

You may receive assistance in your cottage through a licensed home health agency, hospice, etc. at your own expense. We also offer Great Rock Home Care services to our residents at a discounted rate.

How do I get on a priority list to be one of the first to pick a new cottage?

Our Director of Sales would be happy to discuss this with you. The Director can be reached at 717.786.5267 or by filling out the Contact Us form.

What happens if one of us needs a higher level of care and the other one doesn't?

There is a daily charge for the person in Supportive Living (Personal Care or Skilled Care). The monthly fee decreases to the single person monthly fee for the person remaining in Residential Living after a permanent transfer has been made.

Do I need Long Term Care Insurance?

No. It is not required but can be helpful to offset the cost of Supportive Living should you need it.

Costs & Finances

What do the monthly fees include?

Included services in Residential Living include: property taxes, utilities, emergency call system, maintenance inside the cottages and apartments, grounds care, trash removal, water and sewer, Wellness Center membership, activities programs and monthly meal plans.

How often are the monthly fees increased and by how much?

The fees may be adjusted as necessary but historically have been adjusted annually. Adjustment increases have generally averaged around 4% and reflect the overall cost associated with providing quality services.

What happens to my fee if I go away for a few weeks or months?

You will continue to pay your monthly fee just as you would in current living situation. You will have peace of mind knowing that your home is secure, and your grounds are cared for in your absence.

What happens if I run out of money?

It is expected that residents will preserve their assets and live within their means. If you find that you need financial assistance, a meeting may be scheduled with Administration to determine a course of action. We participate in Supplemental Security Income in Personal Care and Medicaid in Skilled Care. An evaluation of an applicant’s finances are based on total available assets and monthly income

What entrance plans are offered?

Fully Declining Balance, 33% Refund, and 70% Refund options will be available for residents moving into our cottages or apartments.

Can I downsize to a smaller residence?

Yes. You would discuss your desires with Administration and decide together what the best location and size apartment would meet your needs. If approved, you would then be placed on a waiting list for the next available apartment that you have chosen.

Do I get a refund if I move to a smaller apartment?

Refunds are provided when you leave the community, not as you transfer through a continuum of care.

General Questions

Do I need to be Presbyterian to become a resident?

No. Persons of all faiths are welcome to become residents. Quarryville Presbyterian Retirement Community is Presbyterian in organizational leadership but welcomes all individuals looking to proclaim God’s might and power to the next generation. We have representation across a broad range of denominations.

Are my family and friends allowed to stay with me and if so for how long?

Guests are permitted for up to 30 days. If you would like to have a guest remain in your home for more than 30 days, you will need approval from Administration. If guests are permitted to stay in your home for more than 30 days, you will be charged a daily fee.

Is smoking permitted?

No. Quarryville Presbyterian Retirement Community is a smoke-free campus.

Can I bring my pet(s)?

Cottage residents will be permitted to bring a pet subject to the approval of Administration. You will be provided a copy of the pet policy to review and sign prior to entrance into the community.

Will I be allowed to plant things around my cottage?

Standard bushes and trees will be provided. Other plantings will be permitted within the guidelines set forth in the Resident Handbook.

Can I use a golf cart for transportation around campus?

Yes, as long as it is only used on QPRC property and not on public roads.

Will I be permitted to do work in my cottage like painting and installing shelving?

Improvements to the cottages must be approved by Administration.

How much will I be able to customize my cottage?

You may choose from a selection of upgrades and modifications for your cottage or apartment. These upgrades and modifications are available at an additional cost.

Experience Quarryville

To appreciate Quarryville, you need to experience it. Schedule a personalized tour of our campus for you and your family. We’ll answer your questions, show you around, introduce you to some of our wonderful residents, and explain how you can realize your vision of a retirement with spirit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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